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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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down there. while the world watched this pg version of what was happening. >> so many people don't know that and all the stories, i can't wait to hear them five years later, rosa florez thank you so much. watch her documentary, it's a special report tonight, a miner miracle, it airs tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn. thank you for being with me. see you back here tomorrow. in the meantime the lead starts now. welcome to selection tuesday, i'm jake tapper, this is the lead. >> the politics lead who is in who is out in less than one hour we could find out which republican candidates made the cut for the first debate of the 2016 presidential race and which will be banished to the so called kids table. we already know there could be one big surprise. the national lead a huge wildfire leaving a critical containment line 13,000
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californians are told to get out. as firefighters battle some of the driest conditions ever to try to stop him. >> also in national news. it's being blamed for murderous freakouts across the country. police are issuing a new serious warning about synthetic pot. what is it? >> >>. >> good afternoon, everyone welcome to the lead it's deadline day, if you work for a republican candidate running for president, or if you are a republican candidate running for president, you probably hear this glaring in your head right now. republicans are just minutes away from officially finding out if they made the cut for thursday's debate. there are 17 candidates. we do not know which candidates made the final cut. but shiny knew poll numbers,
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that gives us a pretty good idea. it looks as though the only way rick perry will make it on to that stage is if he takes a lesson from tonya harding. we think we know the top ten here but the fact of the matter is there could be a surprise or two. >> if there is a tie for 10th place, there could be an extra person on the stage. the other thing is there's pressure on fox and the republican national committee to be as inclusive as possible. especially since there are candidates that show gop diversity and experience who will not make that cut. some did get a chance to shine last night. >> a sneak preview of sorts of what a stage looks like with one glaring exception. no donald trump. the gop front-runner is leading the presidential pack.
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one at 24%, the other at 21%. >> i've had great success and people see that and i would put all of that energy and whatever that brain power is whatever that type -- into making our country. >> the key question ahead of the first gop presidential debate thursday is how the other candidates will navigate the trump dynamic. sources close to scott walker say he plans to pivot toward conservative principles. >> people eelize they don't just want a fighter, they want someone who can fight and win. >> then there's john kasich's unorthodoxed approached. >> new polls out today make it apparent he is itching for a fight against trump. rick perry. >> donald trump's candidacy is a
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cancer on conservatism. >> only the ten polling highest nationally can participate in the first debate. this is what the stage will look like. governor scott walker ben carson mike huckabee ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio. governor's chris christie and john kasich. that leaves seven others hunting for attention in different ways. >> i'm flew end in clinton speak. when he says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did when she says i'll tell you about bill in the pipeline means she won't. gawker posted one of his cell phone numbers so he changed the voice male. >> hi this is donald trump, i'm
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running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> many have been practicing how to turn on them. at least that's not the plan. >> he would counter punch, but not punch. we'll see what happens. he's obviously going to be on the stage, it wasn't that long ago, there were republicans thinking about not running because they feared the bush juggernaut. where is the campaign now? >> a juggernaut it's definitely not. the campaign mind-set has settled in for the long haul and wondering whether something more troubling is actually going on. if you look at our cnn poll of polls, bush is now at 13%. he's consistently double
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digitses behind trump jeb bush is not necessarily any of the above. but if you talk to his supporters and advisers they believe this dynamic in the race cannot continue forever. but that is certainly an open question don't forget we're in the sixth year of the tea party. this is not his fathers or brothers republican party. that seems to be something hanging over jeb bush how to deal with the family name. we saw that last night at the forum in new hampshire. >> my dad is probably the most perfect man alive, it's hard for me to be critical of him. i have a t-shirt that says i'm the -- my dad is the greatest man alive, if you don't like it i'll take you outside. >> the bush campaign has unfavorable numbers that climbed last month. several rivals are going to great lengths to get attention.
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rand paul is cutting the tax code with a chain saws. jeb bush is running as the mature candidate in the race. is the base looking for that type of candidate right now? and will they be by default? the super pac has $100 million to spend, bush has not aired a single campaign ad yet. look for that sometime soon. they can't allow the summertime slump to continue the debate on thursday offers an opportunity for bush to show he's ready for office. the question is is the conservative -- are the conservatives in the party looking for him or a candidate who burns slightly hotter? >> his father and brother, the way they were president are the reason for the rise of the tea party. >> thanks so much. >> let's talk about all of this. about the debate and everything else 2016 with katie packer who worked for mitt romney katie,
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you just heard jeff list off some troubling issues for the bush campaign. if you were advising him, what would you tell jeb bush. >> he's trying to rise above this circus fiasco element that has kind of taken shape within the republican primary right now, he's the guy that's running with grace and dignity, he has a lot of money and he has an opportunity to spend that soon. i think he'll be looking to rise above it all and show some dignity on the stage. >> do you think the republicans -- they tend to go with the more moderate candidate showing grace and dignity. do you think the republican electorate is looking for grace and dignity? or somebody with a little more fight in them. >> what's clear from the polls, you're looking for someone with a lot of fight. he's 10 points ahead of jeb bush scott walker ahead of these more legitimate serious
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candidates. bush's candidacy was premised on the idea he would be the strongest candidate. three months after he announced it's clear he's not. he has to make radical changes. i suggested today that he pull out of iowa and new hampshire. he can afford to do that he cannot afford to lose to new hampshire. he has to make some radical changes. >> mitt romney almost won iowa he came -- he was a hair's breath away from rick santorum. isn't jeb the most mitt like of them all. >> mitt was running in a different field. this is a much stronger field with much more serious candidates. almost none of the opponents katie's candidates were running against ran real campaigns. walker's running a real campaign. marco rubio's running a real campaign. romney had an advantage bush doesn't have. he had an existing organization in his 2004 race in iowa. he's at a disadvantage this is a much more conservative
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electorate than he's positioned himself, he should go where he has a better chance of winning, you can ask president santorum and huckabee how important it was to win iowa for them. >> let me ask you, if you look at the polls, it looks there are fewer and fewer republicans who say, they would never vote for donald trump. it used to be they had 20%, there was a huge number that wouldn't vote for them. that number keeps getting smaller and smaller. he's leading the polls in new hampshire is it time for republicans like jeb bush to stop thinking this is a fluke that's going to go away at any moment? he is the front-runner. >> i don't know that we know it is the next herman cain we saw something similar with cain with perry. >> michele bachmann. >> a whole host of them. it was a bit like whack-a-mole in 2012. i think you're looking at a very big field. trump said 21 22%. you have to think that that's
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sort of a ceiling for this guy 78% of republicans are saying he's not my guy. i don't think this is a trump or bush situation there are some really strong candidates that i think are going to have their time in the sun, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> check out the favorability numbers among some key groups here. independents 27% favorability that's down 27% from june. 41% favorability. women voters 41% favorability down from 52% in june. these are not good numbers for hillary clinton. >> i will admit that these are not good numbers, i would say a couple things she's had a rough summer she's been through the ringer all summer on a whole host of things. the thing that we have to look at is in this race right now, hillary clinton is acting as the
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de facto incumbent, we're not testing hillary clinton against the specific republican we're testing hillary clinton as the vice president always says don't give her the all mighty compare me to the alternatives. once people started paying more attention to the republican primary an saw he may be running against herman cane michele bachmann someone like that his numbers went up. i think it's a real challenge. i don't think it's fair to say right now she's going to be a weak candidate, i think she'll be a strong candidate. >> don't they think -- shouldn't there be a woman on the ticket? i think there are going to be a lot of republican women i guess we'll see what the numbers are in 2016. there will be a lot of republican women who when when they get in the voting booth want to be part of history. do you think that's something
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republicans should consider. >> you're not going to out woman a woman at the top of the ticket. if there's a woman voting the person at the top of the ticket is probably going to hold that if hillary clinton's numbers are diving into the tank i hate to see what happens to her numbers when actually have a good strong woman that's the face of the party. >> thank you so much. really appreciate it. huge flames claiming tens of thousands of acres and dozens of homes. firefighters in california finally catching a couple breaks. some residents forced to flee, it may be too late to save their neighborhoods next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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welcome back to the lead our national lead california firefighters continue to battle wildfires that erupted late last week week the most massive is now north of san francisco. it's burning through 65,000 acres of this drought ravaged state. the fire is causing new spot fires now. potentially making matters worst. thunderstorms and more lightning are in the forecast for the area, to possibly ignite even more of this tinder box. paul? >> well jake some good news this morning, as you can see behind me this is where they lit a backfire yesterday to go ahead with this containment line. the weather has really calmed down. you don't see any wind temperature is down and it's even slightly overcast. for the people who are standing by and waiting to get back to their homes, this is good news but they are still waiting for that magic word which is go
1:19 pm
home. >> at the rocky fire in ka louis is a county a test of wills, a stubborn fire pushed by erratic winds, many rural people live here there are fewer folks around to tell them what to do. they were tested when word came for 13,000 of them to evacuate. >> you start seeing smoke plumes come up that are severe black, you know they're in the brush, and they're not that far away. >> this is a problem. you look at it, it's time to go. >> and when you see flames. when you see flames, it's really time to leave. >> so just where did joe wells, resident of this back country for 27 years go? the moose lodge. that's right, moose lodge. often a hub for bing co and karaoke. a haven to ride out a fire that's burned more than 65,000 acres. lodge volunteers say 200 to 300
1:20 pm
people sheltered here overnight, donated food is piled up on tables. free pie and french toast. >> it's not part of the red cross. nothing government this is all community here. this is a community at its finest. >> rihanna and her displaced visitors hang on weather reports. >> you can take a breath. right now when i woke up this morning, i saw it hadn't grown, still contained, everybody was safe, it was like finally, we need a break. they need -- they need a break, and we need a break. >> a break because the rocky fire is unpredictable. jumping highway 20 late monday and messing up any thoughts of leaving the moose lodge for home. more food arrived. >> i asked for a little help, look at this room. this community has come together it's beautiful. >> in a wicked fire a bingo hall can look like the taj mahal. back here live another reason for optimism they say some very well placed water drops and air
1:21 pm
tanker drops. >> let's hope so. thousands of californians have been forced to evacuate their homes and as the fires continue to burn, they don't know when they're going to be able to return to those homes, i'm joined by one of these evacuees at a red cross in middletown california, about 30 miles from her had home. thanks for joining us, when did you evacuate? tell us about that experience? >> i was evacuated sunday evening around 8:00 p.m. so -- >> did people come to your door and tell you to leave? >> the sheriff's department came yes. >> is your house okay as of now as far as you know? >> as far as i know when the fire jumped last night, that's the road i live on i'm a couple miles, in and they did catch that. so my home should be fine. >> so your home is -- your home
1:22 pm
was a couple miles away from the fire at one point? >> yes. >> do you have any idea when you're going to be able to return home? >> well, no. there's a rumor maybe tomorrow, but that's kind of hopeful. >> you're staying at a red cross, is that right? >> yes. >> middletown high school. >> is your family with you, are your neighbors with you as well? >> i met a lot of neighbors. >> it's kind of nice in that way, you meet people you never saw before but yeah i don't have family so -- >> all right. >> everybody as far as i know is fine and got out. that's the important part. >> that is the important part joyce, thank you so much. we're glad you're okay and we hope your house stays safe. >> thank you. i hope so too. >> all right. thanks joyce. coming up on the lead. the controversy that isn't going away about the planned parenthood sting videos. a brand new undercover video released hours ago by the
1:23 pm
anti-abortion group. that group says this is more shocking than the rest. another video getting a lot of attention, a school police officer putting a third grader in handcuffs as he begs to be released. the student's family is suing. that story ahead. >> why would you behave this way. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime
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welcome back to "the lead" making headlines in politics today. anti-abortion ago differists revealing a graphic video. a planned parenthood officials discussing whether they would
1:28 pm
alter an abortion to preserve fetal tissues. planned parenthood officials insist they do not profit from the sale of fetal tissue and these videos are misleading. let's get to joe johns. the vote may have failed last night, it seems clear this fight is far from over. >> called this the latest sign. it's going to stick around for a while. some congressional republicans are talking about linking the fight over planned parenthood to a possible government shutdown battle this fall and the release of another controversial video today that's just adding fuel to the fire. >> the latest video in a sustained effort to undermine support for planned parenthood have helped the center for medical progress stoke the growing controversy. edited undercover video with a planned parenthood research director in texas talking about
1:29 pm
extracting in tact fetus cadavers for use in fetal tissue research. >> anything we integrate into that procedure without having you cover the procedural costs is going to be higher. >> right. >> so -- anything of a higher gestational age, there's more opportunity for complications. >> interspersed with talk about budgets and money. >> if we alter a process, and we are able to obtain in tact fetal cadavers then we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this i mean that's all just a matter of line testimonies. >> the end of the video includes graphic pictures of what is described as fetal tissue with the voices of the actors who posed as representatives of a company that collects tissue samples, asking questions and identifying body parts, with
1:30 pm
planned parenthood lab technicians technicians. today, even before it was released the leader of the group responsible for the video predicted it would have more impact than the other productions. >> it's going to be more shocking. you're going to see evidence of how planned parenthood is going to sell fetal tissue. >> planned parenthood stopped the group from getting government funding is in full damage control mode. >> what we're seeing here are attacks on people's ability to get health care. >> several states including taxes have launched planned parenthood investigations with the video accusing the group of adjusting medical procedures. there are calls for the justice department do investigate. planned parenthood asserted the footage released today doesn't show planned parenthood staff engaged in any wrongdoing or agree to violate any legal or medical standards. >> the latest polling on planned
1:31 pm
parenthood shows about half of americans oppose cutting funding to the organization. it does run sharply along party lines. 68% of democrats oppose defunding and 66% of republicans favor it. >> joe johns, thank you so much. >> his actions sparked a national debate about race and policing. the former ferguson police officer who shot and killed michael brown is now speaking out about his life about michael brown, and about what he calls the culture of high crime areas. we'll discuss that story next.
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1:36 pm
day to day life in a profile published in the new york irmagazine. the 29-year-old defended his actions and said he wanted to return to the department but was told he would be too much of a liability after being cleared in brown's death. wilson made comments reigniting the debate about his views on race. here's boris sanchez. >> darren wilson speaking out after shooting and killing michael brown. a new photo of the former ferguson police officer accompanying an over 20 page indepth interview by the new yorker magazine. the reporter who spent several days with him in marced the now 29-year-old lives in an undisclosed new home. very few know where. >> far from wilson's wish nine months ago. wilson says he'll only go to places where there are like minded individuals and it's not a mixing pot. about the death that sparked
1:37 pm
national outrajge wilson says he doesn't think of michael brown as a burn. because it doesn't matter at this point. wilson said i only knew him for those 45 seconds in which he was trying to kill me. soy don't know if he's a good guy. brown's family says they're not surprised. >> there's so many inconsistencies and hypocrisy throughout the article itself, it perpetuates the view of wilson being self-serving. >> he's not read the justice department's report on the systemic racism in ferguson. he says he's not going to keep living in the past. wilson says if you live in a high crime area with a lot of poverty, there's going to be a large police presence. he claims it's not a race issue. wilson goes on to say that in ferguson there's a lack of initiative to get a job.
1:38 pm
the youth are running the streets not worried about working in the morning. >> darren wilson is no racist i know him well i think the article misrepresents who he is. >> boris sanchez, season season new york. >> let ace talk about this. a sane the louis police official a friend of darren wilson who appeared in our last report. also with us a friend from the area. antonio french, i saw i a lot in ferguson it's good to have you back thanks for joining us. let me start with you, wilson was asked by the reporter if he missed going out to restaurants. his response is this. we try to go somewhere -- how do i say this correctly -- with like minded individuals. adding you know where it's not a mixing pot. what did he mean by that? >> well you know jake darren's a simple guy. you're not going to get a lot of new answer with him, you're just
1:39 pm
going to get a guy that shoots straight and tells you what he thinks. i've been out to eat with him and bash before and they are on constant alert. they're watching other people in a restaurant making sure that the folks aren't pointing at them whispering talking on the phone or taking picture the or anything else that would indicate that they've been be a threat. just imagine living that lifestyle they've been forced into it's no easy proposition. >> yeah but -- saying it's a mixing pot, what does that mean? it sounds like he's saying he doesn't want to go to an area where there's other races other than whites maybe i'm reading that wrong. what did he mean? you spoke to him at length. >> i have talked to him a couple times. i didn't ask him specific about what he meant in the comments that he made in the new yorker. he was disappointed by the article, he thinks it casts him
1:40 pm
in a poor light when the intention of the article was to introduce him in more depth to the american public. i don't think he was treated fairly. i think the article was unintentionally flattering. >> what was your take on the article and on the comments from darren wilson. >> the article was disturbing. it was an effective article, because it gave an insight into the mentality of too many people who patrol these neighborhoods. it really showed a lack of understanding of the population it showed a struggle that he had to have any kind of empathy for the population that he was patrolling and even now, a year later, he still does not seem to have applied any kind of humanity or empathy for mike brown or his family. in that way, it's disturbing. >> i think one of the sections he's referring to is a section when darren wilson asked if he thought about michael brown to this day. do i think about who he was as a
1:41 pm
person? not really because it doesn't matter at this point. do i think he had the best upbringing no not at all. you know him, you are friends with him. does officer wilson have any remorse for what happened? >> absolutely he does. we heard that during the interview. i -- the first print interview he did with me was published in our fop newspaper. he demonstrated remorse, he demonstrated deep thinking about what occurred on august 9th. but, you know to take the comment he made there in the new yorker out of context, i think is an injustice too him and what happened to that. >> the justice department under attorney general eric holder investigated the shooting and cleared wilson. they stated there is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove wilson's stated subjective belief that he feared
1:42 pm
for his safety. how do you view the shooting? >> >>. >> i think with mike brown and many other killings we've seen across the country, one problem we have is the law and the discretion that it does give officers for use inging legal force. it's very difficult to in anyway indict an officer for the use of legal force. it gives him so much leeway. in the justice department finding, what they found -- >> particularly when someone's trying to kill them. >> in the justice department finding, it found there was no willful violation of mike brown's civil rights, which is a different correction than we would like to see for the addition of legal force. there's some efforts, they didn't make it very far in the state legislature this year. to make it more in line with the rest of the world in fact. but we still have a lot of work to do. >> very quickly, jeff does
1:43 pm
officer wilson consider himself a victim in all of this? >> well i don't want to give the impression he feels sorry for himself. he is really extraordinary in the fact that he's not jaded by all this he tries to keep a positive attitude he hasn't let this sort of tear him apart. if you're asking me absolutely he is a victim in this and unjustly so. this was all started by a mischaracterization of what happened on the street that day by dorian johnson who kicked over the lantern. >> we have to leave it there. thank you both so much for your time, good to see both of you. was a human rights report watered down by the u.s. state department in order to make nice at the negotiating table with these offenders, the shocking claims next. it's called synthetic marijuana, it's much more
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the act of recruiting harboring and transporting providing or obtaining a person for compelled labor or commercial sex acts through the use of force, fraud or coercion. that is how the u.s. state department defines human trafficking and modern slavery hundreds of thousands of people. many of them children are trafficked or sold in slavely each year all over the world including here in the united states. each year the state department documents as many cases as they can, grading countries on three levels or tiers. this year there are some serious charges being leveled about the integrity of this report. the u.s. state department announces its report on human trafficking and enslavement worldwide every year with great fanfare. >> it really is one of the best
1:49 pm
means that we have as individuals to speak up for adults and children who lack any effective platform whatsoever. >> this year's report is under fire with some experts saying the political team at the u.s. state department watered the report down. smoothing over the horrific records of diplomatically important nations. >> it seems that this year the process was allowed to be infected by politicization than before. >> a reuters reporter say the independent government office tasked to grade conditions such as these was overruled 14 out of 17 times by those more focused on diplomacy than human rights. >> with input from embassies that want to maintain good relations. >> china, cuba india, malaysia and mexico were among the nations whose status was
1:50 pm
disputed this year due to economic and political interests. cuba moving up from the worst level just in time for the u.s. to re-establish diplomatic ties there. it was only last year when the state department said cuba does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so. what changed? some say, not trafficking. but rather the obama administration's diplomatic goal. >> the secretary believes the best way to deal with those kinds of concerns is to engage rather than to be astranged from the government down there. >> the ambassador at large is responsible for the annual report. >> there's an around uchlt from people in the state department or ambassadors in the field that we have other interests or we need to understand the bigger picture. there's some howlers in this year's report that don't make sense. >> malaysia is the most
1:51 pm
controversial. deplorable migrant conditions remained there, including mass graves. the nation was upgraded to keep it eligible for the trans pacific partnership. also a top obama policy imperative. a letter signed by at least 170 members of congress last month read malaysia has earned its place on tier three. we're left to conclude malaysia's upgrade has been driven by external considerations. just as this report was airing we did receive this from mark toner, the deputy spokesman of the state department. we are aware of the reuters story, the department does not comment on relations, but i will say this colleagues from across the department agree on fact based deliberations. these deliberations produced the annual country reports and
1:52 pm
inform the secretary's decisions on tier rankings the department stands behind the findings and the process of this report. last fall cvs said you cannot buy cigarettes where you buy prescriptions. that was bad news for cvs. the drugstore chain says its prescription sales rose but not enough to offset the lost revenue from cvs sales. they hope their decision will attract younger buyers who never picked up the pack a day habit. a popular drug that could be behind violent crimes such as a murder on the washington metro on the fourth of july, that story next.
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." it's a's drug you may have never heard of. it's raising serious safety concerns in communities across the nation. take a look at this video just in showing a man high on synthetic marijuana. police say this drug is martially responsible for a spike in violent crime. let's get to evan perez. evan tell us before this what is it? >> bill bratton called it weaponized marijuana, it's sold in convenience stores gas stations under names like k hifz 2. scooby snacks. it's a had a loosen genic drug that comes from china, we have a few graphics here that show you the surge of this problem in the last few months the american association of poison control centers says there's been 4300 exposures, people suffering from
1:58 pm
the effects of synthetic pot, compared to 3600 in all of 2013. we have figures from the d.c. fire/ems in washington they had 450 cases in june of 2015, that compares to 50 in 2012. they transported 439 overdose cases in june alone. a huge problem in fact in -- over the fourth of july holiday, there was a gruesome murder on the d.c. metro in front of a lot of people hoo someone believed to to be suffering the effects of synthetic marijuana. >> thank you so much. there's giving a child a time-out and then there's this. huge outrage today over disturbing video of an elementary school child punished for misbehaving, he was hundreds cuffed above the elbows in a classroom, crying out in pain.
1:59 pm
>> you can do what you want to do -- >> it hurts. >> now, sit down. >> this child is 8 years old, and according to court documents, he had been diagnosed with adhd and posttraumatic stress. a 9-year-old girl faced the same punishment twice. the aclu is now suing the officer seen in the video. kenton county sheriff's deputy who works as a resource officer for the elementary school. a short time ago the department stands behind the deputy who responded to the school's request for help. plane manufacturer airbusen watts to change the way you fly. i'm not just talking about more leg room. the company just filed a patent for a plane that can shuttle you from jfk to heathrow in the tame it takes you to navigate an
2:00 pm
international terminal. it will whisk passengers across the atlantic in 90 minutes. this ultrarapid vehicle would zoom through the skies at four times the sound of sound. that's it for now. i'm turning you over for brianna filling in for wolf blitzer in the situation room. happening now, breaking news al qaeda threats, twin messages from the terror groups deadliest affiliate. a new video calls for more lone wolf attack ss. captured troops trained to fight isis are are captured and held by another terror group in syria. is the u.s. strategy falling apart? i'll ask tom cotton of the intelligence committee. center stage, donald trump will be out front of the first gop debate